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How to Give 100% Satisfaction to a woman and Female Russian Escorts

Satisfying a woman or any Russian female escorts is not an easy task. A woman doesn’t excite as quickly as a guy does. For exciting women, you will have to start with patience and slow motion. Russian escort in Mumbai is just like the key of the piano, if you know how to fine-tune them, you can be the most lovable guys for that escort girl. And fulfill all your desires regarding love and sex.

So, here we will discuss some tips to satisfying an escort so that both the client and escort take the full enjoyment of their lovemaking session.

Be a Gentleman before the Russian Escort

Russian Escorts MumbaiIndependent Russian Escort girls always like well-behaved and decent men. When you meet with any Russian call girls in Mumbai, you will have to be her that she is not a sex toy, her feelings and desires also matter for you.

Russian babes always like the guy who is respectful, attentive and caring for them. Whenever you go for any type of dating with Russian Escort, bring any type of gift for her like flowers, favorite perfume, candy and anything else which girls like.

Always try to give the first priority to the sexual needs of her and ask her what type of sex, she would like to do with you in bed. Act like she feels comfortable with you and the female escort have no issues to serve you.

Be Clean and Hygienic

Elite class Russian women escort like the clean and hygienic environment as well as men. So, whenever you are going for any date and physical relationship with any escort girl in Mumbai or women, please be very careful about the cleanliness.

It’s very important to dress well and smell amazing. Always check that any type of bad smell is not coming from your mouth if it’s happening then brush your teeth and keep any chewing gum in.

Before going for dating with any women, take a shower and remove all unwanted hair from your body.

Start with Foreplay

If you are going for the one night stand with the Russian beauties, start with the foreplay. Slowly reach the zenith. Kiss all over her body (neck, shoulders, earlobes, knee pit, stomach, navel, and other erogenous zones), tease her and start dirty talks with her. She will feel the wetness and crave in her panty for your penis.

But you will have to continue the foreplay until she will ask herself you to stop and insert your penis in her vagina.

Let Her Ready for Orgasm first

It always happens that the men get the orgasm first if it happens then try to control the erection. Because if you start the sex before her orgasm, she will not enjoy properly, it will be painful and unpleasant for her. So, always wait for her orgasm.

Ask About Her Fantasies

Russian Escorts women have also some wild fantasies like men. Whenever you have to chance for a lovemaking relationship with the Mumbai Russian escorts. Ask about her wild fantasies.

If she tells you about any new position experiment, try it with full excitement, trust us both of you will really enjoy it.