Welcome to the Andheri Body massage, Russian Escorts Mumbai providing all the sensual or erotic body massage services in Andheri. We serving the body massage services in Mumbai because we know the busiest lifestyle of Mumbai men. In Mumbai, most of the men are very busy in their life they hardly give time to themselves.

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So, their life is very stressful and boring. But they want someone who gives a new refreshment in their life. And only for these types of people, we providing Andheri body massage. You will get all types of sensual and normal body massage in our Andheri massage spa or parlor. All the massage services in Andheri are provided by the professional masseuses and massage girls.

We only provide our massage services by the female massage therapist. Most of the massage therapists have come from Thailand, Russia, Spain, and other foreign countries. Some of them are Indian massage therapists. It’s your desire, by whom you want to take massage services, Indian or foreigner massage girls.

So, if you want to take the pleasure of high-class body massage from our massage parlor or spa in Andheri. Contact us through our contact number, e-mail or WhatsApp. All the contacts numbers are available on our website.

Premium Body to Body massage services

Hi guys! Are you ready for getting the premium Body to Body massage services in Andheri. Then It’s a great chance to get elite class massage services, Russian escorts Mumbai providing a variety of Body to Body massage services. Our Andheri body to body massage services is different and the best in whole Andheri.

In Body to body massage, our masseuses use her body to rub some form of slippery massage oil to that of the client as compared to using her hands. In this female to male body therapy, both the client and masseuse are completely naked and they really enjoy the body of each other. Our normal body to body massage services our Andheri massage girls only use their hands and fingers to give you the effective massage services.

But in the Erotic or sensual massage therapy, they will tease you by brushing your vagina on your penis to arouse and finally it might result in a sex act. Nowadays all men like Erotic or Adult body massage services in the place of normal body massage services. In our sensual body massage services in Andheri, you will feel the real pleasure of sex and massage both.

It will be more pleasing when the hot and sexy massage babes rub their vagina, bust and other private parts onto your penis and whole body. These massage girls are too sophisticated and when you will take the massage services from these girls, the experience will be wonderful. So, body to body massage is a cover-up for consented sex.

Our Varieties of erotic body massage services in Andheri

Our Erotic massage in Andheri is a very intimate experience and most of the men like an erotic or sensual massage so much. And our Russian Escorts Mumbai offers varieties of erotic body massage for your whole body including your private parts also. During these massage in Andheri, our massage girls create a hot environment at the place of massage.

Their every touch will give you the highest pleasure. When you take Andheri massage services with these sophisticated massage therapists, you will enjoy a very gentle massage that will not miss any part of your body. You will experience the pleasure of premium and classy massage services and know the difference of other massage services and Andheri massage services that is provided by Russian escorts Mumbai.

Our masseuses are completely naked during the massage and they use their hands and their whole body for the massage. You can enjoy the sensual touches of their butt, boobs, vagina, legs, and boobs. So our different types of body to body massage techniques encourage eroticism and creates an exciting atmosphere. And our varieties of erotic body massage services are the following:

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  • Japanese Nuru massage
  • Penis massage (Lingam massage)
  • Tenga egg massage
  • Soapy massage
  • Lava stones massage
  • Tantra massage
  • Happy ending massage
  • Sandwich massage

In our Andheri body massage services, our Andheri female massage girls will give you the pleasing body rub, body slide, Handjob, Hand relief, Spanish, Oral sex, Full service/Full inclusive, Sex/intercourse, Anal sex, Active/Top, Passive/Bottom, Fully versatile, Tie and Tease, Fantasy, Role-play, B/D or Bondage and discipline, S/M or Sadism or Masochism.

Types of Normal body massage Services

  • Swedish massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Sports massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Thai massage
  • Chair massage

How to find a professional massage therapist in Andheri?

There are many massage therapists in Andheri but all these therapists are not a professional massage girl. If you want a professional massage therapist in Andheri, you will make sure your massage therapists are properly trained and have certificates and state or country licenses that are up-to-date.

You should also meet your therapist and have a brief conversation before taking the massage services in Andheri.  When you will meet them, you can ask a question and confirm that they are professionals or not. So, it’s very important to get all the information about your masseuses before taking the Andheri massage services.

Our Special Erotic massage services are the following:-

Japanese Nuru massage

Japanese Nuru massage is a very pleasing and enjoyable massage service. The word Nuru comes from the Japanese and the meaning of Nuru is lubricous. In this Japanese Nuru massage, a special type of gel is used which made from the seaweed. Our Nuru massage services start with a nice shower which is shared with a beautiful and hot massage girl.

She will give you the gentle massage during the shower. After taking the shower, our massage girls will lubricate your naked body with Nuru gel and also apply some Nuru gel on their body and rub their slinky body onto the client’s body and give them the most voluptuous Japanese Nuru massage services in Andheri. Our Andheri Nuru massage services are original and you will not forget it so easily.

Penis massage (Lingam  massage) in Andheri

Our Russian escorts Mumbai also give you the Penis massage services in Andheri. Penis massage is very exciting massage services in Andheri. And the technique that will be given by our masseuses brings you the highest level of your sexuality that you will not imagine in your dream. Our Andheri Lingam massage services are based on Kamasutra and the purpose of our massage services is providing the 100% pleasure and satisfaction to the Andheri clients.

When our massage girls give the Lingam massage then Clint lies on his back during the massage and our professional and experienced masseuse give the attention to the intimate parts and Pelvis of the client. When Penis massage is given then the smell of wooden sticks and massage oil and underlined by the pleasant tones of relaxing music and soft candlelight makes the whole experience much stronger and multiplied. Lingam also gives some medical effects to the body, it causes right blood circulation in Penis and also gives the soothe and ease to the mind and body both.

Tenga (egg) massage

Tenga egg massage is a very popular erotic massage services in Japan. But now you can get in Andheri also. We are providing the Andheri Tenga egg massage, The Tenga egg is an egg-shaped masturbator that comes from Japan. It is made of soft and flexible Silicone. It has no side effects and any types of irritation and can perfectly adapt to any size and shape of the male Penis.

In our Tenga egg massage services in Andheri, our Andheri massage girls start the massage with a gentle touch and then they will open the Tenga egg before you and pour into it a lubricating gel that prevents unpleasant friction and puts the egg on your Penis. After that our masseuses will use soft and slow movements with the egg to slide your penis up and down.

When you will be given Tenga egg massage, you will feel like the hand job but the delights are totally unmatched. It’s much more pleasant than classical hand satisfaction.

Soapy massage

Soapy massage is a type of erotic body to body massage. It’s very popular among lovemaking clients. The Soapy massage will give you a feeling of the deep relaxation and it will make you nicely hot as well. In this massage, Soap foam is used after taking a shower.

During the massage, you can enjoy the view on the masseuse’s beautiful body when her body covers with foam. They also rub and slide their body onto your body during the Soapy massage services.

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Happy ending massage

Russian Escorts Mumbai providing the Happy ending massage in Andheri. Happy ending massage services, the massage is conducted by our hot and sexy masseuses onto the clients bringing orgasm. Our massage therapists females serve the most entertaining and exciting handjob at the end of the massage.

You can also get oral pleasure during the Happy ending massage. And when you take the Happy ending massage at the end of a massage service, A big smile will be on your face. So, take Our Andheri Happy ending massage services and get the real pleasure of erotic massage in Andheri.

Whenever you want to get the enjoyment and pleasure of our Andheri Adult or Sensual massage services, you can contact with us. Our massage girls and our Andheri massage Spa or Parlors are open for 24 hours so you can contact us and get the pleasure of lovemaking through Body massage services in Andheri.

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