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How to Book an Independent Escort in Andheri over the Phone

Booking an escort in Andheri over the phone needs some simple techniques and tricks. Whenever you are going to call an Andheri escort for booking, you should always take care of one thing, which is very important, take a deep breath and smile before the calling. Prepared your mind properly, what you are going to say about yourself when she will ask. Now you are prepared for calling her, dial her number, as soon as she says hello, introduce yourself in a polite, calm, and confident way. You should also confirm, you are talking to the Andheri independent escort or an escort agency. In case it’s an escort agency you can change your way of talking and be formal. But if it’s her, continue your talking politely and with a smile. You should also feel that she is interested in talking with you or not if she is, then continues your talking.

Now, let her know that you want to set a date to meet each other. Never use the words related to sex such as anal sex, vaginal sex, French kiss, blowjob, and any other over the phone. If she is with another client or busy in another work, ask her, can we meet up at a specific hour. She may suggest another time when she is free from her work. Before arriving at the meeting place, call her to be sure. This will help her to know how close or far you are from meeting place.

In case, you want to cancel the appointment, let the Andheri escort know by giving her a call. Never cancel the appointment at the last minute. When you call her for cancellation, tell her the reason why you are not coming in a polite tone and feel sorry. if you are arriving at the meeting place and then you have to cancel the appointment, say so again in a polite manner. And pay the transportation fare and her charges which she takes for meeting or dating.

We hope these simple techniques and tricks are enough to book an Andheri Independent escort over the phone.