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How to Choose Perfect Lingerie for Luxurious Mumbai VIP Escort

Whenever you hire a Mumbai VIP Escort girl for the love and pleasure and going to spend some sensual and friendly moment with her, then you must bring a present for her. But all the men have confusion that what you should bring for her because you have never met her before. But don’t worry we have a solution for you.

Girls have a wish-list full of gifts suggestions. But you are not her regular customer and you don’t know anything about her liking and disliking. If it is possible to make a conversation with her then you can ask what she likes. But it’s not possible, you should choose according to the moment.

Luxury Lingerie is always the answer of your confusion, VIP Escorts in Mumbai love to experiment with the new and trendy type of lingerie items. But how to choose the perfect lingerie for the Elite Escort of Mumbai.

Tips on buying right Lingerie for the Top Class Mumbai VIP Escorts Girls

Give First priority to the quality, not quantity

A lingerie set is such a delicate and intimate gift, that enhances the mood of sensuality. So always find the good quality of the lingerie set. That will please your sex partner and she feels pleasure to wear it.

Lingerie should be Sexy, Comfort doesn’t matter

The lingerie which you are buying, firstly it should be sex-appealing, it’s not about comfort. You are buying it for, feel sexy to your partner not comfortable, so, imagine that moment and choose some eye-catching which arouse your senses.

Take some help of the Saleswoman

If you have never bought any lingerie item for anyone before, you feel lost in the lingerie shop, then you can take the help of the saleswoman by indicating the personality of your VIP Sex Partner in Mumbai, what her skin color and hair texture and other information related to her appearance. If you do so, it is sure that the saleswoman suggests something good.

How to get the right size of Lingerie

if you don’t know her size then always choose some safe option like a silk robe, a satin nightgown or a sexy chemise in a right and bright color. But it may happen that the lingerie that you buy, is not fit her perfectly. That’s why keep the bill or receipt safe so that you have the option to change or return it.

Which type of fabric you should choose?

For a Lingerie good quality of lace, velvet and satin fabric are the best. But they should be in good quality and feel soft on touching. The sexiest color of the lingerie is red, black or white. You can choose any color for them.

So, next time if you are going to buy any sexy lingerie for your top-notch female escort always take care of these certain points, if you do so, your VIP Escort Lady in Mumbai will give you the more that you want.