Affectionate Kissing

We providing 20 types of kisses to the clients with our Model girls. Our kissing varieties are Forehead kiss, Kiss on the hand, The Eskimo kiss, The French kiss, single-lip kiss, Earlobe kiss, Butterfly kiss, The Spiderman kiss, The lingering kiss, The cheek kiss, Leave a mark kiss, secret message kiss, Lizard kiss, The air kiss, Kiss of an angel, Seductive kiss, The bite and nibble kiss, The jaw kiss, The vampire kiss, The Big Tease.

Welcome to the Russian Escorts Mumbai, we are providing many types of affectionate kissing. Each type of affectionate kissing has their own meaning. Kissing is one of the most intimate fun things that you can do with your special love. But the pleasure of kissing is not always pleasing for everyone. Actually, all the places and countries have their own way of kissing to their loved one. Affectionate kissing is also very good for our health. It is said that kissing for at least one minute can help you burn 26 calories. And yes, It can also increase your life span.

Our Varieties of Affectionate kissing are such as:

  1. Kiss on the Forehead- Kissing on the forehead is one of the most affectionate type of kissing. It conveys love and trust. When you kissing someone on their forehead then you promise of love, care and protection for them. Our Mumbai escorts always start with a kiss on the forehead.


  1. Eskimo Kiss- Eskimo kiss is also one of the best form of kiss. It is assumed that the guy who doesn’t take interest in girl who initiated the Eskimo kiss. But it’s totally wrong, in the cold region, couples rub their noses to show the affection instead of kissing and take the warmth to each other. So, Eskimo kiss is a lovely way to express your love for your partner. When you take the travelling companionship services from our agency then our Escorts girls will give you the experience of Eskimo kiss.
  2. French Kissing- French kissing is the best form of kissing for the couples. It is also known as deep kiss, It is an amorous kiss. In French kissing our Russian escorts girls kissing the client’s tongue, lips and mouth that are extremely sensitive to the touch. When they touch these sensitive parts, the clients will get the full pleasure.

But when you take these kisses from any other agency or escorts girls, it may be dangerous because French kiss may carry a risk of HPV, when you kiss someone whose lips or gums are bleeding. But with our Russian escorts girls, you are completely safe because they are healthy and disease free.

  1. Cheek kiss- This kiss also conveys the affection and respect.
  2. Butterfly kiss
  3. Kiss on the hand
  4. Earlobe kiss
  5. Spiderman kiss
  6. Lip Gloss Kiss
  7. Tongue Kiss
  8. Air Kiss
  9. Single-lip kiss
  10. Vampire Kiss
  11. Wet Kiss
  12. Breath Kiss
  13. Love Kiss
  14. Belly Button kiss
  15. Teaser Kiss

All of these kisses have their own meanings. And our escorts girls or call girls in Mumbai give in a good manner. As a real girlfriend our Russian girls show their love to the clients with the help of these kisses that are soft and sweet. When both the clients and our Russian escorts girls or Mumbai escorts girls kiss each other, It turns into a romantic kiss. Both of them are gazing at each other. Our Mumbai female escorts or Russian female escorts have an unique type of quality that help them to understand the internal feelings of the clients and give them more what they expect.

Our Russian female escorts girls are the good kisser because they pay attention towards their work and practicing it. And they learn the technical skills before adding the artistry. Whatever type of kiss, a customer wish to receive, They always take care of this. So, whenever you want to try these amazing experiences of affectionate kissing, please contact us, our contact number is available on our website. You can also browse us at


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