Anal Play

It is a special type of service. That is not provided by all the escorts agencies. But we offer all types of anal play services like Anal sex, Anal Fingering, Anal fisting and Anal douching. Anal play stimulates the P-spot of men and G-spot of the female. This is a very pleasurable sex position for clients and escorts both.

Russian escorts Mumbai providing Anal Play services to all the Visitors, tourists and Local Mumbai men. Anal play means any sexual activity that involves the stimulation of the anus. In Anal play both the clients and Escorts girls are participated. It is a very pleasurable sex services because the anal area is full of nerves. Men find anal stimulation pleasurable because it can indirectly stimulate the prostate, or P-spot. Anal play has given in different ways like Anal fingering, Anal fisting, Anal douching, Anal sex. Pegging is also a form of anal Play.

But only enjoyment is not everything, safety should be a genuine concern when engaging in any sort of anal play. In anus, no natural lubricant produce and it is comprised of very delicate tissues that can tear with too much force. So, It takes a form of severe injury. This can not only result in an injury, but it also puts people at higher risk of transmitting and contracting sexually transmitted infections.

That’s why our Russian escorts Mumbai always allow to their escorts girls in Mumbai to use a great deal of lubrication before penetration to prevent tearing. And the customers are also advised to wear condoms to prevent the transmission of STIs and bacteria. Our Russian babes also use penetrating toys, dildos and butt plugs. All the ways and techniques that are given by these Mumbai escorts are very pleasurable and enjoyable.

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There are thousands of agencies in Mumbai who will provide you the Anal play services. But get the more pleasing and satisfactory services is too difficult. But If you will choose our services then you will know that how’s our services are more entertaining and pleasurable. Our Russian girls or Mumbai escorts girls always ready for all the lovemaking services. They are expert in Anal play services also. You can take the enjoyment of all types of Anal play like Anal sex, Anal fingering, Anal fisting, Anal douching and Pegging.

All the Anal play moves that you will take from our Russian escorts girls, will give you the memorable moment and when you penetrate your penis into their butt, you will feel like heaven. The hole size of the butt of these slinky and sophisticated Mumbai escorts is very big, that’s why you can also insert your fist in their Butt. You can take the enjoyment of Anal play at an affordable price with 100% real satisfaction and pleasure. So don’t think so much, come to us and take the enjoyment of these pleasurable services.

How you can hire our Anal Play services in Mumbai?

Whenever you want to get the pleasure of Anal play services and hire our escorts girls in Mumbai at anywhere like your hotel room, private villas and any places, we will avail our services. You will have to do just one thing, dial our contact number and take the pleasure of Anal play services with Russian Escorts Mumbai.

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WhatsApp On 9892407062