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What is erotic massage?

erotic massgaeErotic massage is a type of massage technique which is given by the female massage therapist or masseuses. It is given by the proper love and caress. In the erotic massage in Mumbai, masseuse or masseurs aren’t only concentrating on the strong grips. They will give the full affection, soft and caressing touches in a slow tempo. When a professional therapist will give you an amazing erotic massage, you will feel an intimate sensation. Mostly in the erotic massage in Mumbai, masseuses concentrate on the erogenous zones and private parts of the male body.

If you take erotic massage in Mumbai then you will feel the main motive to take an erotic massage service in Mumbai, the main motive to give the erotic massage to the person to enhance the sexual excitation or arousal to achieve orgasm. When it comes to give the erotic massage services to the men then the focal area is the male genitals.

Erotic massage is also a part of sex, which is given in a massage form. It is started by the foreplay act and go to the final sex act. It is also known as Sensual massage or Adult massage services. You can make varieties of erotic massage services and all the massages are given in a new way and every man will really enjoy it.

Types of erotic massage that is full of lust and Romance

There are different types of erotic massage in Mumbai. Erotic massages are aimed to release built-up tension and stress within the body which can help to rejuvenate the mind and body of the clients. All the Erotic massages help to relieve sexual pains from health issues. It also releases the daily anxieties, gives a relaxing sleep and soothes headache pain.


The varieties of Erotic massage are such as:

  1. Duo or Four Hands Massage

It is just like a body to body massage services which is given as an erotic massage form. The masseuse rubs massage oil on the client’s body as well as their own. After rubbing the massage oil, they rub their bodies onto the client’s body. And both the individuals really enjoy this massage service.

  1. Nuru Massage

In the Nuru massage, the massage therapist taking off all of the clothes of clients and herself. And rub the massage oil over the customer’s and their own body. The massage oil that is used in Nuru massage is completely odorless and tasteless. After applying the massage oil, the masseuses rub their body onto the client’s body. Finally, Then Nuru massage can sometimes lead to sexual intercourse depending on the person.

  1. Lingam or Penis Massage

It is also a very popular type of Erotic massage. In Lingam or Penis massage, Masseuses honoring the natural sensations and stimulation of the Penis through a massage. The Lingam massage includes the shaft, testicles, perineum and external prostate. With this type of erotic massage in Mumbai, the goal is to enjoy the full effects of a genital massage.

  1. Tantric Massage

In this erotic massage services, the massage services given by the help of yoga and sex. In Tantric massage involving the concentration of sexual awareness and spirituality between the giver and receiver. The receiver just focuses purely on the experiences and their personal well-being needs being met.

  1. Prostate Massage

By this erotic massage services, the masseuses stimulate the man’s prostate gland. The Prostate massage can start slowly by an external prostate massage of the perineum but it will then lead to the gentle stretching of the anus. If you are in relationship then you should try prostate massage because it gives a great bonding between the couples.

  1. Soapy Massage

In this erotic massage experience both the giver and receiver stand in a shower. Both are completely naked and the giver take soaps in their hands or rubs the soap onto the person’s body giving them a massage. The massage therapist slides her body onto the client’s body.

  1. Happy Ending Massage

A Happy ending massage is the final goal of the erotic massage services by stimulating the male penis with the help of hand job for the ejaculation. It is always given at the end of a massage.

  1. Sandwich Massage

In Sandwich massage Two girls will concentrate on the single men body while the Massage. It is also called as Four hand massage. The receiver sandwiched in between two massage girls and take a gentle and smooth rub and slide by these female therapists.